Lancôme Vernis Triple Tenue  Nr. 232

Lancôme Vernis Triple Tenue Nr. 232

... ein recht altes Schätzchen ;)

Lancôme Vernis Triple Tenue

Farbnummer 232


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  • Chuckles am 01-May-2016 13:48:36 schrieb Chuckles:

    Hello AndreasEver since I first saw your work, I’ve thought of you as the perfect example of what a02recre2tional⁙ (rather than professional) nature photographers should be doing: being individual artists, presenting their own vision, rather than simply aping what “the pro’s” do. A great deal of professional work is (necessarily) boring: we’re not encouraged to push the boundaries. So who is better off? : the recreational photographer with a separate salary who can create their own individual work or the professional having to shoot what is required of them? Mmmmm….


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